working on a 3 sum!

I had an intresting meeting with one of the ladies i've been conversating with from AM.com (AshleyMadison.com). Her motive for being on the site was that she was tired of being ignored at home by her husband. So I've been told thru our emails via am, text messages and short phone calls.... that Susan, has been getting the cold shoulder from her hubby for almost 3 years. She's re-married and thought this was the man for her, until his promotion at work and he devotes all his time to that. Traveling, and late nights at work when he is home, only to come home reaking of alcohol. Susan believes either her hubby is cheating on her, because he don't even give her the time of day for not just sex, but just quality time ( in her words, cuddling, talking....ect) or that her hubby is just not intrested in her anymore.
So in her quest to find someone to spend some time with, more than likely not in a sexual manner or relationship, she has found a friend in me. We are almost 8 years apart to the day. We both graduated from the same High School (weird) and we both frequent the same local hole in the wall, bar. So for her and I to meet up it would not be at the bar we both attend frequently. But accidently, it happened. I was at the outdoor bar last night, at my local hole in the wall.... low and behold, sitting across the squared outdoor bar, by the cornhole boards sat Susan and what appeared to be her hubby. But he looked like he was my age or younger. Maybe not her husband, and maybe a date.... buy she vowed not to have meeting with men near her home. After quite a few beers, I noticed that she never even noticed me, or if she did, she didn't make it known. I did find out that it was her hubby.... but not until after I made my move while he was heading to the restroom.
I moved over towards her end of the bar, and sat down at the corner near her, she had her back to me so she did not see me move. Hell, I didn't even think she knew I was there. "Susan." I said. She turned and said "Oh my god! what are you doing here? I cant be seen talking to you!"
"Relax" I told her "I wont get you in trouble. That your husband?"
"Yes... He wanted to take me out for drinks before he heads to the airport for a trip to Memphis"
"Whens he leaving?"
"Tonight, I'm taking him to the airport when we leave here"
"Any plans?" I asked....
"I'll call you later.....he's coming back!" she wispered as she started to look away from me.
I knew Susan liked what she saw in person, ofcourse my head was swelled up.... I was a few rum and cokes in with out dinner in my belly. I also knew if I didn't get some food in me, I wouldn't be around or awake even to take her call later..... When Susan and her ole'man got up to leave she looked over and I could barely make out her lip movements, but it sure did look like "I'll call you in a bit".
I was in like Flint. I grinned, finished my drink and decided to get some chow to go.
*** im skipping to later when Susan calls, to save you time and money!! LOL besides im sure you don't care what I ate for dinner ***
I was watching the 10 O'clock news when my phone started chirping the lyrics to 311's Creatures, (for a while). It was Susans number on the screen.
"Hey hun! whats up?" she said in a excited voice.
"Im just hangin out watchin the news, whats up with you?"
"Just crossing into ohio, just left the airport....whats up? Do you still wanna meet up?"
"Sure, whats on your mind.... I mean what do you feel like getting into?" I said, not really with to much enthusiasm....
"Can I come to your place? If you don't mind?"
Actually I don't like having people over to my pad so I suggested that we should meet for a drink somewhere other than the local hole in the wall. Susan was okay with that and made the suggestion of the applebees down by myhouse. I politely declined that, I didn't want the possibility of running into my bartender friend.... that could screw something up. Anyway, I told her to meet me in the parking lot of the BW-3's across from applebees, and told her to buzz me when she's almost there. I figured I had about 30 min to get cleaned up. I did take a quick shower, and threw on an outfit and headed out to my truck as my phone went off again. She was getting off at the exit, I told her I'd be there in about 5 min.
I pulled up in to the parking lot and drove to the front of the resteraunt and parked. I texted her, and ask where she was, she replied...com'on in, im at the bar. I went on inside and up to the bar. Tony, the bartender, and softball buddy of mine made me a rum and coke and gave the usual whats up nod. Susan, smiled and said "this must be another local spot for you?!". I replied that pretty much, I frequent all the bar/resteraunts around my house. We immediately got into the conversation about AM.com. She was curious as to why I got on ashley madison, and searched out the likeliness of married women... Ofcourse I told her I'm not judgemental, I'm on am.com and open in the public about my quest to have the time of mylife before the day that I may settle down. I love all women, and I love the company of women. The way they make me feel, and the way I can make them feel..... oh and that only made things more intresting. We got into the conversation of having threesomes. I stated im not much into the mfm (male-female-male) thing but have had and enjoyed a few multi person sexual experiences. Susan told me that her best friend Tina was contemplating on joining a swing club with her husband. That he kept asking and pushing her.... but she wanted to see for herself about the exploration, so to cut to the quick on it... Susan offered for me and her, to help out Tina explore her options on sleeping with a man thats not her husband. I said that I'd love to and that I have one stipulation....."I'd do it (no matter what Tina looks like, because Susan would be worth it) That I'd do it only if I could take pictures of the event"
Susan looked shocked, but she said she would talk to Tina about it. Our conversation kinda got side tracked to other things, but the whole idea of a potential three some had me arroused. I told Susan that I couldn't wait to find out about her offer, that I wanted to do things to her before it could potentially happen. She told me the sex can wait, because she said if we had had sex, and she loved it, that she could feel a bit jealous if I paid more attention to Tina, if the three some came thru. This only made me more excited, that Susan is saying that there is a possibility that Tina is as hot or hotter than she is!!!
We finished the drinks we had it was close to midnight now, I paid for the bill and we walked out to the parking lot. I followed Susan over to her vehicle. She must make some loot, or that new job of her husbands was bringing in the bank. She had a 2008 cadillac escalade. All black. Tinted windows. Susan opened her door and stood by it. I put my arm up next to her. We stared at each other. We smiled. Sorta both went in for a kiss.... turned away.... looked back at each other, smiled and laughed a bit.....than I finally took over and kissed her. I touched Susans face with my left hand, as my right pulled her close to me. She put her arms around my back just above my waist. We kissed for a few min., even thru the hecklers (you know,... the "get a room!" or "fuck her I did!!" guys).
We stopped after a few yells from most likely high schoolers, and laughed. She told me that she missed this kind of attention. I told her I could give her what she deserves. She replied to that, "Oh yeah, I'd like to know how you could do that"
"Lets get in your car, and I will show you" I said
We got into the middle row of seats, and immediatly started kissing again, she whispered in my ear while I was kissing on her neck....
"Now how or what do you think you can give me" she said.
"An orgasim! With my tongue, but only if you remove your panties for me" I said as I pulled away. Susan looked shocked..."I, I, I don't know" she said. I took my hand and rubbed it up her leg and up under her dress. I could feel the side of her thong with my finger tips, I grabbed them and started to pull them down a little, she didn't move, she was stiff as a bored.... then she blurted out, almost like a sigh of relief...."WHAT THE HELL, WHY NOT"
Susan lifted her ass up so I could grab her thong and pull them down over her hips, down her legs and pulled her heels off than her panties. Susan leaned back just a bit and helped me position one of her legs up on my back. I held the left one down as she held up her dress bottem. I dove head first down into her pussy. Didn't really have a taste to it. Kinda plain, but not an ugly pussy. It actually looked really sexy. I tongued her clit, and flicked my tongue back and forth, up and down for quite a while. She was barely breathing, but I could hear the pace quicken up when I started using my thumb and first to fingers to pull her lips apart and dive my tongue in deeper. Her hips started to thrust a bit back and forth, faster and harder as I started drilling her hole with two fingers, as I sucked really hard on her clit, and pushing back at times with my tongue. The moment had come, and she came.... a lot! My face was soaked, she was soaked from asshole to bellybutton. Susan started to giggle, and she almost looked embarressed. She said, "what do we do now? am I suppose to suck your cock?" I laughed as she struggled to pull her thong back up and on. "No, you don't have to" I said, "you just work on that threesome, and remember I want to use my camera" She smiled as I leaned in to kiss her. We both got out, she hopped in the front, and I headed to my truck. On the way home, she texted me....<>


Runaway 2 Virginia Beach, Part II

Okay Readers.... I truely am sorry for the delay. I have been caught up with massive amounts of work.... and I was a bit overwelmed..... Now that I think about it, my little voyage to Virginia Beach could have been postponed till after all this crap here at work was finished, but I would've never had such a good time, if I didn't go when I did....Now back to the good stuff!!!

Runaway 2 Virginia Beach, Part II

I walked casually over towards the lady that most men fantasize about, I admired her gorgeous body as I strolled. Smiling as I approached her, saying "I noticed you noticed me, checking you out earlier" and all she could say was "likewise". We both got a chuckle out of it. As the elevator dinged again, and the doors slid open, she walked in and turned around and said "Are you coming?"

I hoped in the elevator and stood next to her..... silence..... where was I going? "By the way I'm Alexis" she said with a smile as I glanced over. I smiled back and said "Im _______". She sorta had a blushed look, as she smiled. And that made me feel really good inside. The funny feel good inside. Well anyway I ask her where we were going... Alexis said, "We're going to the roof" "The Roof? Your not going to push me off are you?" I said. Alexis laughed at my comment... "No hun, theres a bar up there. The skybar. Its 21 stories up. And theres a breath taking view of the city and pier."...(that I have a photo of, from the next morning before I left.)

When we got to the top floor and Alexis took hold of my arm as we walked out of the elevator. Two oversized door henchman opened these two doors up, that led out into this pool area...(that I have a photo of, from the next morning before I left.) There was a hot tub to the left that looked down onto the area of the Posiedon statue and "catch 31". The pool was heated as well and there were people in both.....the pool and hot tub. The pool overlooked the ocean. I followed Alexis as she made her way to the right, where there was an open bar (( NICE )) and an open dance floor with lounge chairs, tables and couch's.... even a huge bed with satin sheets on it!!! The dj was spinning hard dance. That is one of my all time fav's. Anyway, we both grabbed a drink at the bar, I got a double shot of vanilla vodka in a red bull ( ICECOLD ) and she got a glass of wine. We made our way passed the dj booth and dance floor to the front side of the building, and into the indoor pool area! It was kinda empty in this area, but we could sit comfortably and chat. Alexis and myself were tossing the drinks back talking about our lives. She's a Human Resources Director at some hoo-ha big wig company. She makes a ton of loot, she told me all about her house and many cars, blaa blaa blaa blaa..... if I was a gold digger lookin' for me a suger mamma' yeah I'd eat all that shit up. Time was flying by, we decided to walk and look out at the strip below..... while standing there sharing laugh's we made that glance. You know, that stare, the look... right before a first kiss. I put my hand on Alexis' cheek, and leaned down and our lips touched. Just a little tongue, just enough to keep it moist.... but a very meaningful, very passionette kiss. When we pulled apart, I remember her looking up at me and saying, "I wanted to do that to you, earlier, when I first laid eyes on you. _______, you are so sweet, but I can tell you got a bad side. Something dirty, something you....." I stopped her there mid sentence. I put my finger up to her lips to hush her. She looked surprised at first until she seen my devilish grin. I told her to come with me. Alexis followed me, holding my hand as we worked our way thru the crowd of dancers. Back past the bar, the pool and out the doors where the huge door guys were at earlier. As we got up near the elevators, Alexis said, "Your not going back to my room, so you think you can fuck me and have your way with me!" I looked at her in amazement, I really couldn't believe what I just heard..... low and behold she smiled and said, "But if you'd like, you can invite me back to yours!" (Gawd, I am completly head over heels for this chick, and I know I must do what I can to enjoy myself, because tomorrow I'm heading back to Ohio and I'll never see her again)

We get down to my room and I let her in..."welcome to my pad" I say as I motion for her to go on in.

I asked Alexis, "What do you think my best physical feature is?"

she replied "I don't know, probably your smile."

cleverly I boldly stated "That's not a physical feature; it is just something I do."

"Ok then." Alexis said "I would have to say your chest. What would you say for me?"

"You must drive guys crazy with your legs!" I told her, altho I lied, as it was her boobs that gave me the biggest hard on. She simply thanked me and I opened the bottle of wine I had bought earlier, now with the sole purpose of toasting to my greatest triumph to date.

Alexis, walked over to the bed, sat down and she kicked off her shoes, so I did the same. I sat right beside her, and we checked each other out, without saying a word. She sure was beautiful and even more so now as she stared back at me. I wanted her, I wanted her right then and there, and had to do everything I could to keep myself from jumping her. Lightly placing my hand on her knee I spoke first, "You are a very sexy woman. I would be honored if we kissed again and maybe let nature take its course wherever that leads us."She started to speak but words didn't come to her. Instead our faces came back together and our lips met again. Within seconds our mouths were hungrily attacking each other. Coming up for air after several minutes of kissing I moved my attention to kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears. As I nibbled on her she moved a hand to my ass and gently caressed it. Now, I was almost certain that we would make love but I still had to be careful. I needed my photographic evidence, and didn't want to spoil anything. I very gently but deliberately placed a hand flat on her breast and just let it rest there for over a minute as we continued smooching. This was to give her a chance to rebuff or totally refuse my advances. She let the hand stay so I began to caress her chest. I gently let my hand wander all over her boobs caressing ever so slightly harder as I went along until I was actually giving each boob periodic squeezes. I moved so that I was kneeling beside the edge of the bed, near my camera and slowly laid her down next to me. We kissed yet again and she began unbuttoning my shirt and pushing it off over my shoulders. I figured that, at least, this was a hint so I lifted her dress up and off her. I had made one mistake as I had laid her down before unhooking her bra. So, I shoved my hand between the mattress and her back to do this. Realizing what I was doing Alexis lifted her back slightly to give me better access. I lifted her bra from her boobs and was astonished by how sexy they were. She had dark brown nipples the size of pencil erasers that pointed straight up to the ceiling.

Alexis asked me if I like to be in control.

I reached for my camera and held it over her. "Is this what you mean?" I asked.
"Not actually, but I like your thinking __________" she said.

Since Alexis was on her back her boobs sagged to her sides but they were still wonderfully large and full. I took one in my hand and caressed it lightly and brought my finger to her hard nipple and gently rubbed across its top before tweaking it a little between my thumb and forefinger. I could feel her push her pelvis hard against me. Alexis, pushed hard enough for me to back off. She got up off the bed and finished undressing. She soon was standing in front of me, naked.Not only did her boobs not sag but they were full and perfect. My mouth literally watered at the sight of her firm titties with their quarter sized areolas. Her plump melons jiggled slightly as she walked toward me and slid onto my lap facing me. Our bare chests met as her tongue found every nook and cranny of my mouth. She sat upright and asked, "So, what do you think of my chest?"I was lost for words and a little timid, but managed to say, "They are absolutely gorgeous." She put a hand on the back of my head drawing my mouth to a nipple. I brought my hands up to her breasts and played gently as I peppered them with little kisses. After a minute, or so, I opened my mouth slightly and flicked my tongue on her skin. I loved the slightly salty taste of her boobs. Opening wider I took her nipples into my mouth quickly followed by sucking in even more of her tit.She wiggled her hips slightly on my lap as if trying to get comfortable. Moving her hands to my shoulders she pushed on me until I got the hint and laid down. Now, her massive titties were dangling above my face. I couldn't be timid any longer. I ran my hands all over her back and ass. This as I hungrily sucked, nipped and licked her boobs as she rubbed them all over my face. Alexis trailed kisses down my neck and to my chest. I was disappointed as her boobs were now out of my mouth's reach. Not, to mention, my hand was no longer on her ass.She reached my stomach and undid the belt of my pants. Then she unsnapped and unzipped them. She stood back up. Then reaching for my waist yanked my pants and underwear off with one yank. As she kneeled between my legs she said, "I haven't seen one quite this size in a long time."

Man, I'm in heaven.....

"Hear goes, nothing," she nervously laughed. She started off slowly just flicking my cock with the tip of her tongue. Then she put the head in her mouth. She delicately swirled her tongue around it. One of her hands began to slowly jack me off as the other fiddled with my nuts. Then, she started sucking my rod into her mouth, inch by inch. She was doing this on purpose. I had never had anyone take me into her mouth so slowly.It was driving me crazy with lust. I don't think I have ever been so hard. She finally bottomed out against my (trimmed) pubic hair. Her vacuum action was amazing.Her mouth rode up and down, up and down along the length of my cock. The longer she went on the faster she got both with her hand and her mouth. She also knew just how hard to squeeze my balls, just hard enough that it felt good without hurting. I couldn't help it and began thrusting my hips to meet her expert strokes.That uncontrollable feeling was rising in my loins. I grabbed on to a fistful of her hair. My teeth were clenched in ecstasy. I hollered out, "Oh my GOD, I'm cumming, Oh, yes." (or something like that) Alexis didn't back off. Within a few seconds I filled her mouth with my spunk. She didn't quite swallow all of it. But, as much as she made me cum it would have been difficult for anyone to do. I was exhausted already.

But, she was ready to be paid back. She slid back on top of me and kissed my ear and neck. She didn't need to say a thing. I knew what she wanted, and I wanted to give it to her. I rolled her over and wasted no time. I swallowed hard as I couldn't believe my eyes. Alexis' pussy was the hottest thing I had seen in a very long time. I sunk in between her legs. I just had to run my fingers over her glistening lips for a few seconds before proceeding on. At one point, I felt a shiver go up her spine. She was breathing a little faster. Finally, I let my tongue, plunge into her tight twat. I added a finger, and slowly going in and out of her. The aroma of pussy juice was getting too strong though. I wrapped my hands around her thighs and brought my face to her pussy. She wiggled herself in my face as if to say get on with it. I began at the base of her pussy and licked my way up the slit. She tasted fantastic. I curled my tongue like a scoop to get all of the juice I could. My appetite temporarily satisfied I worked up to her clit. I gave it a flick. She nearly jumped out of her skin. Then I frantically tongued her clit lightly; that is, until she began to writhe around. I had to do everything I could to keep up with her. Suddenly, more juice oozed from her as she came in a wild orgasm.Alexis rolled over to her side so that her sexy ass was now right in front of my face.

While I recouped my energy I moved my head over and I kissed and caressed that beautiful ass lightly causing our sex drives to gradually come back. Her feet lightly grazed against my crotch. I told her I wanted to fuck her like a wild maniac, I told her I wanted to make her cum on my cock, as I was inside her. We both knelt up on the bed, and we flung our arms around one another and tried to swallow each other's faces again. Suddenly I found myself on my back, I don't even know how I got there, and she was so smooth. There she is suddenly on top of Me., kissing me. She sits up some bracing herself with a hand on my chest as she puts my dick against her clit and begins fucking my dick with her clit. I can barely see her riding on the length of my cock. She is obviously enjoying it as she sits up straighter and gets a rhythm going. It feels so good that I am afraid I will cum on my own stomach. I look up and her boobs are bouncing in perfect time to her movement across my pecker. As she cums for the second time, now while shes on top of me, she rises up and impales herself on my pole. Her pussy feels so tight and hot against my cock. She smiles broadly at me as she agonizingly slowly moves up and down my length. She knows she is driving me wild. As she moves one hand to her clit and reaches the other under her own ass to play with my balls. She picks up the speed some. As she got even faster I began meeting her thrusts with my hips then reached and fondled her boobs. I got a bit carried away with her boobs as I tugged and twisted on them very roughly. Between heavy breaths Alexis told me, "Oh you feel so good inside me."I pulled Alexis down off me, and told her to get on her knees. I guided my dick to her wet open pussy lips and I felt her tightness. I could feel every muscle in her body tighten substantially, including her vaginal sheath around my embedded cock. As I watched her ass jiggle in front of me, my eyes widened all the way as Alexis' whole body seemed to rattle and shake in a series of fitful convulsions. And as she continued lavishing herself in wave after wave of her pleasure, her crotch now working like a bucking rodeo animal back on my pelvis, until I knew I couldn't hold back my seed for much longer either.I reached down and grabbed the base of my cock, and I slowly removed it from her syrupy grasp and when it finally came free with a loud moist plop, Alexis spun around on the bed with her hands right there to take hold and to finish me off.I could see Alexis looking right at my cock. Icould see clearly in her eyes that she was contemplating what that 8 inches had done to her. Jacking me off tenderly, I sent the first of three rapid streams of cum right between her breasts. Watching from above her as mywhite sticky cum dribbled and oozed down her chest, underneath her breast.

Most of the guys Alexis has slept with have been older than her and she wasn't having a really good time with any of them. She might have even gotten serious about being with only me. But deep down inside, Alexis knew that this beautiful evening is soon to be over. Rest assured, I let Alexis know that that night, hadbeen one of the very most memorable events of my life!


Runaway 2 Virginia Beach. Part I

This is about the weekend of Aug. 15th thru 17th ( two parts ).

Wow, what a wild weekend! I never dreamed that I'd do shit like I did this past weekend. Friday night I got the urge to just take off and go somewhere. I actually packed a bag, filled my truck up and took off. I drove all the way to Virginia Beach. I know, what the fuck was I thinking. I didn't tell anyone I was going. I left about 7:30 at night, and drove untill I got there about roughly 12hrs later or so. I went right to the beach off Atlantic Ave., at the Hilton Hotel there. I got a room ofcourse and then walked down to the beach. It was awesome, that early in the morning. So peaceful, so quite. I walked down the beach towards the boardwalk pier thing (towards Virginia Beach Blvd.). I stopped at this little tiny cafe and got me a cup of mud. (thats coffee for those who don't know military lingo). I walked down towards the water, posted up in the sand and sipped my coffee. I really couldn't believe that 12 hours ago, I was in Ohio, contimplating on what the fuck I was going to do. Now I'm in Virgina, sitting on the beach, its 8am, and I'm fucking tired! After my coffee, I headed back towards the hotel. I stopped at the giant statue of Poseidon and marveled at it. Got a few photos of it. When I finally got back to my room, I took a quick shower and immediately went to bed. I was out cold with in minutes of my head hitting the pillow. I woke up around 2:30 in the afternoon. I felt great. I actually slept pretty damn good. I flipped the t.v. on as I milled around. I knew that I had one good night of partying to do. I got a shower and ironed my jeans out. I did this naked. Dont ask why I really haven't got the slightest clue. I just did it in the nude. Ha :) After I got dressed I headed out to my truck. It was quite nice outside, lower 80's if even that high. So I decided to walk. I walked down Atlantic Ave. towards the pier again for about a mile or 2, turned right and right again and walked back up Pacific Ave. I stopped in the New York style pizza joint and got me two huge slices of the great NY deepdished styled pizza. And an Iced Tea to compliment it. I know so far this story is going nowhere with sex..... but it does. I just want to fill you all in on my weekend, and how it unraveled. After my late lunch, I made my way back towards the Hotel. I decided to head to the beach for awhile. I didn't bring any swim attire, so I stopped at a surf shop and bought me a pair of trunks, flip flops and a beach towell. I eventually got back to my room, changed and headed down to the beach, as I left the hotel, I noticed that there was a resteraunt at the bar "catch 31". I asked a staff member about it, ie. hows the food...... He told me that saturday nights are the shit there. Definetly a place to find a good crowd of people, ecspecially if your into older women. ((CHING)) He said that the bar fills up and they have a live band play right outside on the patio area. Also you have to be 26 years of age or older to get in, unless your a guest of the hotel and your with someone who is 26 years old, or older. Sounded to good to be true, I thought, what the hell, I won't have to drink and drive in a city that I really have no clue of my way around.
Anyway, I proceeded on down to the beach. I stopped at the outdoor beverage post and got me a lemonade. I posted up midway down to the water and watched the sites as I enjoyed myself. After my first lemonade was guzzeled I headed up to the beverage post to purchase another. While up there I met a girl probably maybe 21. Mel was her name. I wasn't even close on the age, she just turned 19 last weekend according to her. I bought her a tea and myself another lemonade. She accompanied me back to my area of the beach. After talking for awhile we decided to head down to the water, and get in ofcourse. We swam, talked and flirted while in the ocean. The water was sorta cool so I kept my distance in fear of shrinkage. Mel ofcourse didn't see it that way, she was a touchy feely flirty girl. She kept wrapping her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck. She bounced up and down and sorta grinded a little. Ofcourse, its been awhile since I've had a younger lady this close to me. I'm now the experienced one, and hey she was awesome, she's got a killer body. I'd say she's probably one of the hottest girls on the beach today. *back to the action* Mel and I playfully played untill the point when she wrapped herself around me, and moved in slowly, and held herself there. I slowly reached my arms around her and pulled her closer. We were face to face, and we kissed. Mel was a little slopply of a kisser, but yet I got aroused. I knew she could feel my cock pushing against her thigh and crotch area. We kissed and pressed our bodies together for a few minutes. She wispered in my ear... "_______, I want you to fuck me here in the water" I said, "What about our bathing suits?" She said, "I'll hold yours, and you can hold my bottems. This way we won't loose them!" I agreed with her, and we removed our suits. We exchanged bottems. I feared a little that she would let mine go, but if so, I would let hers go.... so I relaxed on the thought. She came close to me again and started to tug on my dick. I put my arms around her and felt her nice ass. This was hawt!!!! I've never done something like this. She hopped up on my waist and I reached around her and positioned my cock on her pussy lips. Wiggling it around on her till I could feel the hole. With the cold water, It was a little hard to get it in, but finally I slipped in. She gasp and said "Oh my God! You feel wonderful inside me." Her little hole was tight on my dick, I bet it felt like a leg was shoved up in her.
We proceeded to fuck this way in the water for awhile. It was slow, and sexy I admit. We tried not to look obvious that we were having sex in the ocean, but Im sure some people knew better. We just held each other and kissed as I slid my meat in and out, slowly. It was an odd feeling, but I had no problem cumming. Neither did she. She got all tight and gripped me extremly tight and told me not really in a whisppery tone, that she was cumming on me! Thats pretty much when my bag was dumped inside her. I pulled out, after I began to loose stiffness. We exchanged bottems, put them on and I held her from behind awhile. We really didn't speak to much, more or less idle chit chat. We hung out there in the water for another 10-15 mins. or so. Mel and I headed back up to the area that I was posted up at. We talked about hanging out that night. (deep down inside, I really wanted to hit up catch 31, and I knew she wouldn't be aloud in, unless she was with me.... and I wasn't going to tell her, but Im going there, and not out with her....I know, Im a dogg! but this dog isn't a local, Im here for fun) I got Mels number and I told her that we could meet up later, that I would get directions and pick her up. We made out for a little bit, not to much P.D.A. (public display of affection). We gathered our stuff and headed back towards the boardwalk/walk way infront of the hotels and such. She wrote her number on a napkin, up at the beverage post for me. We parted ways, I headed back up to my room. By way of Catch 31. I ordered a drink at the outdoor bar there and sucked it down. The hunger bug was working and I needed a shower.
**** fast forward to after my shower and dinner at this awesome german resteraunt******
I don't remember the name of the resteraunt, but it was on the corner of
Independence Blvd. and Virginia Beach Blvd. by Greenbriar Mall

Ok, so after my dinner I knew it was probably a good Idea to freshin' up a bit, you know, brush my fangs check my hair, usual shit. So I made my way back to my hotel. I the way back, I spotted a liquor store. I stopped in and got me a small bottle of captain morgans, and a bottle of wine.... just incase I got lucky, I had bought the wine to sip on with an older woman. Back in my room, I dug out a nicer outfit. Trousers, nice shoes and belt, and even a button down shirt. Not to dressy, but enough to hopefully impress someone out there. I cracked open the captain and made me a drink. I ironed out my trousers and shirt, I don't like wrinkles. Don't get me wrong, there not military stiff ironed.... but casually wearable. After I seemed to have polished off half of my captain bottle, I was dressed and ready to roll out! I got down stairs and headed for catch 31.... I could hear what appeared to be hundreds of people. Low and behold.... I was right. There was tons of people. Good looking people. Everywhere. And I was still inside, out the windows to the big deck area, I could see it had a shit load more people out there. I made my way over towards the bar inside. Ordered me up a shot of Tequilla (with all the trimmings....lemon and salt), and another captain and coke. I downed the Tequilla, and when I did I heard a bunch of hootin' and hollaring on the opposite end of the bar. It was a group of people, mostly women, hollaring at me when I took my shot. They were about to do the same, and they wanted me to do it with them. I ordered another Tequilla and told the bartender, that I'd take it over there by the group of people. I introduced myself after walking up and got aquainted with the people till my shot arrived. Everyone who was taking a shot raised their shot glass, as did I. One of the guys there said "to good times" and one of the other guys said "to good friends"......... this chick blurted out "to good buzz's" and her friend said "to good sex"..... I couldn't resist, I said to everyone as the shot glasses started to clank together.... "to good drunk sex"! Everyone cheered and took there shots. I hung with this group for about a good hour and half, maybe 2 hours. We all made our way outside, and got a table near the bar area out there. I danced with two of the gals there, Emily and I don't recall the other girls name. They were both cute but very very drunk and obnoxious. I did get my dick rubbed by Emily while dancing, but never followed up on it. Because while dancing I noticed a woman standing at the bar, with some other ladies, probably mid 40's. She was absolutely gorgeous. She knew I was glancing at her while being rubbed down. She smiled once and looked away when her friend said something, but I saw her glance back. She must've left when I was trying to get away from Emily the drunk and her obnoxious friend. Altho fun, I now had my sights set on the ultimate prize. I wanted this woman.
I made my way inside the bar, looking around for her. Everywhere I glanced, I couldn't come up with her anywhere. I ordered a captain and coke, paid for it and just as I looked up, I saw her standing by her friends. They were by the exit that heads back into the hotel. I downed my drink and headed that way. I walked out into the hotel area, I just had saw that one of the elevator doors shut. So I headed out to the front entrance. I stepped out side, looked around and thought to myself that I fucked up. I let that one go, and I ditched the drunk obnoxious twins!! I hung my head and walked back in. "Are you leaving already?" I heard from over by the elevators. I looked up and it was the ultimate prize. Standing there in all her glory.

I have run out of time, I got a ton of work to catch up on..... I'll post the rest in a second part.


New Butt

I started to get a bit bored Friday night, So I called Erin. I must talk to her I thought and get shit straightened out. From the other night. When she answered the phone I could tell she didn't really want to talk at the moment, she told me that we'd talk later, I ask "whats the matter".... Erin whispered back into the phone that she had company... I ask her if it was a guy, and she replied "yes". Awesome! right then and there I knew that them glances and passionate make out sex was just alcohol induced by two grown adults whom love to hang out and occasionally fuck each other. ( Well I'm only assuming at that point, we did talk again and got things cleared up.)

I now was, going to go out on the prowl. Didn't really have a clue on what I wanted to do, so I just got on some relax jeans and printed t-shirt, and some kicks. Headed down to Applebees down the street, figured I'd get some grub and a few mixed drinks before heading out. I posted up at the bar when I arrived at Applebees. Ordered me some food and a Rum & Coke. The bartender on duty was decent looking. Amy was her name, she had darker brown hair and a set of decent jugs. She had a bit of a gut, probably from a child birth, but it made her ass full. We got to chit-chating. Small talk turned into deep conversation, all while I was eating and pounding the Rum & Cokes.... which I might add, as I conversated with her, the drinks got a little stronger. After a while I felt like she was purposely getting me drunk. Hey I didn't mind, I like getting drunk. I love getting drunk than getting in on a little fuck! :) Maybe that's what she wanted. Amy ask if I wanted to join her for a drink and maybe a late night swim or something at her apartment. I was a little hesitant ( I don't' know why ).... but I agreed, besides she wasn't looking half bad, not that she is ugly, just looked a little better after I drank for a while.

We got to her apartment around 12:30am, and I had a bit of a buzz working. Amy downed a couple shots of Jagermeister. Definetly a light weight and bit of a freek-a-leek. She sat next to me on the couch and started to cuddle I looked down and she leaned up and kissed me, full on tongues and everything. I didn't resist And I started kissing her back and groping her tits under her work shirt. I layed her down on floor and started stripping off hers and my clothes. I wasted no time going down on her, it was pretty tasty pussy. She was moaning so loud, and squirming around as I kissed back up her body, and sucking her nipples. I got up to her face again and she kissed me hard and passionately. I really needed that. After the feeling with Erin, the other night. Amy felt down into my underware and started to stroke my hard cock. Amy said "Wow, this is massive! At least 2" bigger than Andy's! And its quite thick!" "whoa wait, who the fuck is andy" I said! "My ex-boyfriend, and my boss at Applebees" Amy spurred off a little naughty.

We stayed on the floor groping and kissing. And I really started to finger fuck her good, I could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She got up and pulled me up off the floor only just seconds after she came. I followed her to the kitchen and she made two shots of jagimeister. We gulped 'em down and off to the bed room. (Hideous shade of purple) I lay down on the bed and she was down on my cock fast. Spitting and strokeing. Sucking and shoving it deep down her throat. Amy kept telling me that she wanted me inside her. So I got up between her legs and stroked her slit with my cock. She was lifting her hips and pushing forward to try and make me enter, but I just teased untill she began to beg me to fuck her. Then with one powerful thrust I was inside her, and I could feel my balls slap against her ass. I fucked her with long slow strokes and then fast short ones alternating the depth and the speed. Amy just layed there, with her legs spread as I plowed her for what seemed like forever, and just not being able to get my nut off. I pulled off her and told her to get on her knees. Amy did so as I grabbed some baby oil from her bath room. I sprayed and dripped it on my dick, and lubed her snatch and butthole up. I got up behind Amy and shoved my dick in her twat. The warmth of the baby oil and the friction of the fucking felt great! I fucked her for a little bit, but knew I wanted to put it in her ass. I shoved my thumb in her ass and played with it a bit before I decided to give it a whirl. To my surprise, she got off on me toying with her pooper. I poured a little more baby oil on my dick and near her ass hole. I slowly eased the head of my cock in her, and Amy squeeled a little bit.

I inched my cock into her ass till my balls rested on her snatch. She groweled with ecstacy towards me. I started to pump her butt with deep thrust. Amy started screaming sexually towards me "can you feel that? can you feel that fucking ass contracting on that fucking cock of yours? do you like that fucking shit? fuck my ass harder? make that ass hurt, make me fucking cum!" Once the dirty "ass" talk started, thats all it took, I felt my nuts get to the point of no return. I pulled out of her ass and gripped my cock. I let out a huge moan at the point of release. My jizz went everywhere. I don't think I've ever came that much. I came so much my body just collapsed on top of hers. After a while, when Amy passed out, I got up and took a shower. I left her a note with my number. Who knows if she'll call. But I had fun.


spent the night with erin....

last night, i stayed at Erin's pad. she made me dinner, and it was awesome. we watched law and order svu on usa network while we ate in her living room. after dinner we sipped on some drink she likes that has rum and triple sec in it. i almost felt like the coors light commercial "venting" because that's all she seemed to want to do. Erin's my bud, i'd do anything for her, so altho it may sound like im bitching, im really not, maybe im just venting now. after about 2 to 2.5 hours of chit chatting and talking we decide to lay together and talk. we got undressed, kissed a bit and laid in her bed. under the covers, both naked, i held her as if we were like a married couple. im not going to spill to much of our conversation, but it stems back to when the guy she had been dating ask her to marry him. (enough said) our talking led to me tickling her on her thighs. she said that if we weren't the perfect couple that never wanted to be, (a couple) than she could never explain our relationship. but my tickling led to her opening her legs. she turned back when she did and stared at me. i looked into her eyes as i ran my fingers up her thigh, and over her little peachy clam. it was somewhat moist, but the more i worked my finger across her lips i could feel her pussy soften as it started to get that normal warm wet feeling. she positioned her head so i could lean down and kiss her. this actually was a passionate kiss. i removed my hand from her pussy, and grabbed her hips and ass. i pulled erin up on to me, sitting her on my semi erect dick. she started to grind a bit on me as we kept this kissing up. now it seems awkward, the feeling i mean.... but last night it was unbelievable. we did have sex, and the sex was great..... but it almost felt like that was the way it was going to be and nothing else, ever, ever, ever again. i think i could live with and love erin, but maybe it was just a awkward moment. don't get me wrong, i do love erin. i love her as a friend and as a lover..... but honestly i don't know how to take last night. i will definitely talk to her about it.